A web based management application for managing stock and warehousing transactions, and managing also document flow over different company branches. The main departments can easily manage their distributed stores all over the world through Internet via several interactive reports.

  • Business Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
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Company Organization

  • Defining company branches including an abbreviation to each branch to be set on its documents.
  • Each branch includes one or more storage locations / stores.
  • For each storage location / store there?s a storekeeper who inherits his/her permissions from the users permissions.

Items Master Data

  • Defining dealing units with its conversion factors.
  • Defining hierarchal view (tree like ) for the Groups of Items.
  • Additional user defined categorization for items.
  • Main Items Data including
    • Item Code.
    • Item Arabic Name.
    • Item English Name.
    • Item Type (Commercial, Service, Material, Half Made... etc).
    • The Expiry Period (in case the item expires).
    • Item International Barcode.
    • Part No.
    • Item?s general known name.
    • Opening Balance Price.
    • Last Purchase Price.
    • Item Tax.
  • Item Stock Data for each separate store including:
    • Opening Balance.
    • Total Quantity Received.
    • Total Quantity Picked.
    • Current Balance.
    • Re-Order Quantity
    • Maximum Quantity.
    • Minimum Quantity.
    • Item Location in the store.

Receipt Cycle

  • Delivery Note sent to the store keeper whenever items are going to be received at his/her store including the arrival date, vendor and items quantities and prices.
  • Quality Inspection Document is done when the items arrive to make sure they satisfy the needed requirements. When some quantities are rejected a rejection reason must be supplied.
  • Goods Receipt Document is done with only the accepted quantities of the quality inspection document, so the items are added to the store.

Picking Cycle

  • Material Requisition Document is done including the items and quantities needed by the department which needs them including the customer to which the items are required and the requisition purpose.
  • Picking Order Document is done with the quantities requested in case they are available in the store.

Other Documents

  • Transfer Requisition Document is done whenever a store transfers items to another store.
  • Stock Adjustment Document is done to indication there is a surplus or deficiency between the real stock of some items and their stock on the system.


  • An Item Transaction (Item Card).
  • Store Transactions including Opening Balance, Total Received Quantities, Total Picked Quantities and Current Balance for each item.
  • Items under Re-Order Quantity including the requested quantity, where the Requested Quantity = Maximum Quantity ? Current Balance.
  • Stagnant Items over a period of time.
  • Items Evaluation Sheet using Average Cost Price.
  • Items Received from a vendor.
  • Items Received to a store.
  • Items Picked for a customer.
  • Items Picked from a store.
  • Items Picked for a requisition purpose.
  • Transferred items between stores.

General Specifications

  • Multi Branch Management.
  • Multi Stores in each branch.
  • Numbering Documents according to each branch.
  • Dividing to Accounting Periods.

General Documents Specifications

  • Each document can be printed according to the customer required design.
  • The documents can be generated from each other according to it is part of the cycle to prevent data entry repetition.
  • Each document contains the user who had created, last edited or deleted it.
  • Any number of files can be attached to each document.
  • Un-complete documents are set to pending status on the pending user, so he/she is reminded with them on the home page whenever he/she logins to the system.