Financial Kit is what you need for managing your growing multibranch business, a web based application that is scalable and accessible from anywhere, so you can gain critical business insights while it handles your business transactions fast and secuerly.

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  • Organization is divided into hierarchal Cost Centers with the ability to measure the profitability of a main or a sub cost center.
  • Personal Accounts are recorded in a separate hierarchy of Personal Codes which helps you reduce the clutter in your Chart of Accounts and gain more insights about the persons who act as Customers and Vendors at the same time.
  • Accounts, Cost Centers and Personal Codes can be related to one branch or all branches.
  • Transactions in all modules instantly effect all related Accounts, Cost Centers and Personal Codes, which gives you the ability of viewing all reports without need for posting or any similar function.
  • Cash Accounts are defined in unlimited number which can be associated with specific users or cashiers.
  • Transactions are based on Accounting Periods, so there is no need for annual closing or losing details due to data archiving.
  • Reports can be generated over one branch, a range of branches or the whole organization.

Banking & Currencies

  • Unlimited number of Currencies and Exchange Rates are recorded at any needed time span with the ability to change them on any transaction separately when needed.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts with different currencies with the ability to get their balance in Local Currency or in Account Currency.
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are fully integrated into the Banking Module.
  • Checks issuing to multiple accounts and persons with different maturity dates, reminders for both issued and received unpaid checks, and handling of their payment.
  • Personal Accounts balance including or excluding unpaid transactions.
  • Bank Deposits and Transfers either through Cash or Checks are handled by the Banking Module.

Stock Control

  • Items are hierarchally organized in groups of items that help gaining more insights on a certain group.
  • Supports Service items and items with expiry dates.
  • Supports multiple units of measurement.
  • Unlimited number of stores which can be authorized only to certain users or branches.
  • Reorder, Minimum and Maximum quantities for Items can be defined according to the needs of each item in each store.
  • Stock of Items in each store is organized by Cost, Batch No. and Expiry date.
  • Picking and Receipt Transactions automatically handle the best method for picking or receipt according to the defined variables (First In First Out and Least Cost) or manually select them.
  • Stock can be evaluated according to different methods like Real Cost, Average Cost Price or Last Purchase Price.
  • Stocktaking is available at any time, with ability of stock adjustment transactions to handle deviations.
  • Barcode Printing and integration is supported and customizable for the user needs.

Sales & Customers

  • Customers are defined into different types and classes with all needed contact information, billing and shipping information with them.
  • With the help of Geographic distribution you can get more information about the areas which are most profitable and those that need more marketing.
  • Invoices are linked to the Payment transactions related to it, so customer debt can be analyzed based on his/her invoices in addition to aging analysis.
  • Customers accounts can be viewed in local or foreign currencies with payment information kept in consideration.
  • Unlimited number of Price Lists can be defined for certain periods of time with the ability to change the sales price in invoices and applying different discounts.
  • Sales methods like end user, distributors and wholesale can be defined and linked with sales to provide information about the profits of each method.
  • Salesmen are defined and linked with both sales invoices and sales returns for measuring their performance and profitability while being able to calculate their commissions.
  • Sales & Profitabilty reports can be generated on a combination of branches, sales methods, salesmen, items, items groups and geographic distribution.

Purchasing & Vendors

  • Vendors are defined with all needed information about their contacts and billing information.
  • Items can be purchased from different vendors which enables comparisons between different vendors in terms of price and delivery.
  • Vendors accounts can be viewed in both local and foreign currency keeping into consideration the unpaid checks.
  • Purchase invoices are linked with Payment Transactions to give information about the unpaid invoices and the remaining amount.
  • Purchasing process is fully supported from Purchase Order till the receipt of goods in stores.
  • Additional costs on purchases like transportation and other costs are included along with any discounts done by the vendor.
  • Purchases reports can be generated on items, items groups, vendors and branches.

Fixed Assets

  • A complete record of Fixed Assets with the ability to print Barcode for each asset.
  • Fixed Assets are linked to groups for different depreciation methods and ratios.
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation values according to age and depreciation rates.
  • Handles the required maintenance for the assets through user defined measurements, regular tests and reporting the assets that needs maintenance.
  • Movements and availability of the assets are tracked using the Stocktaking module.
  • Direct integration with Handheld computers for accuracy and mobility during Stocktacking and Maintenace Tracking.

Payroll & Personnel

  • Customizable unlimited number of salary terms with the ability to include them in the wage rate and tax calculations.
  • Taxes and Insurance calculations are done automatically according to Egyptian law with ability to adjust over other countries law.
  • Support for loans and their installments and repayment.
  • Includes support for employees who are paid on daily or hourly basis.
  • Fully integrated with the accounting module through Personal Codes and the automatically generated journal entries.
  • Fully integrated personnel information for each employee starting from application to employment to termination.
  • Integrated archiving system to archive all employee's documents.
  • Supports employee's acquired trainings and certificates.
  • Man power planning according to each branch and each position.